How to Place an Image Inside Text with CorelDraw X4

Have you ever wondered how you get an image inside text with CorelDraw? We will be using CorelDraw’s PowerClip. This easy and quick tutorial will teach you how.

Choose a bold font and write out your text. It doesn’t matter in what colour it is.
text in coreldraw

coreldraw text and image

Now click and drag the image with your right mouse button over the text. When you see a vertical line between two characters, release the mouse button. A menu will pop up. Choose “PowerClip Inside”.

drag image inside text


And there you go! That was easy.

text with image inside

So what if you want to move the image around? Just right-click on the text and choose “Edit contents”.

edit powerclip

move image powerclip

When you are happy, right-click on the text and choose “Finish editing this level”.

finish powerclip

And if you want to remove the image from the text, right-click on the text and choose “Extract contents”.

extract image from text powerclip


  1. Webjohn01 says

    It really helps me a lot on how to attach an image on a text. just like in Photoshop creating clipping mask. thanks for sharing this simple technique. I would like to ask in your own point of view what is the difference between a layout artist and graphic designer?

    • Carmia says

      A layout artist designs the layout of magazines, newspapers, books, etc. Graphic designers design logos, business cards, letterheads, posters, etc. But if they specialize in layout (and that’s all they do), then they are known as layout artists. Hope that makes sense!

  2. Nkosi says

    wow, this is just awesome. Spent a whole lot of time trying to use the Corel help function and got lost but i did in seconds using your technique. Thanks a whole lot.

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