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  • Day 4 of the #brushletterpracticechallenge. Trying to get back in the brush lettering game again!
  • Got a colouring book for Christmas from my brother and recently finished my first page! I haven't coloured in since school and I must say, this is quite relaxing. ✏
  • If you don’t like Valentine’s Day maybe I can convince you to spread a little love with these matchbox valentines. If you have a special someone in your life, that’s awesome! But even if you don’t you can still enjoy the day by giving these mini Valentines to your friends. 
Download 12 free printable matchbox covers (with romantic and non-romantic messages) at the link currently in my profile.
  • Missed a lot of days in the #brushletterpracticechallenge but I'm back 😊. Today's word is #fearless!
  • Of course it had to be in red 😄. This is today's word in the #brushletterpracticechallenge 💓
  • Took a short break from posting but I'm back today with word #18 of the #brushletterpracticechallenge 😀
  • Today's #brushletterpracticechallenge word ☺. One of my new years resolutions is to be more healthy this year 🍇🍏🍊
  • Day 13 of the #brushletterpracticechallenge! The
  • Practicing the word
  • Focus. Day 11 of the #brushletterpracticechallenge 😀