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  • The May printable planner/calendar is now available to email subscribers! Check your email now :) If you aren't on my list yet and are interested in this free printable, click the temporary link in my profile :)
  • Beach, please.

#DNDChallenge by @bydawnnicole
  • It's time for a new wallpaper! Decorate your desktop, phone or tablet with this free, fruity, strawberry wallpaper! Click the temporary link in my profile to download.
  • Share your talents with the world! 
#DNDChallenge by @bydawnnicole
  • Sundays are for relaxation ✏📚
  • Do you ever wake up unmotivated or unable to face the day? Some people are naturally positive and get out of bed with no difficulty, while some of us need a little more help. That’s why I created these morning motivational prints to motivate us to seize the day! Download 7 motivational art prints that you can put up on your bulletin board, vision board, your cubicle wall or in your ring binder planner as an inspirational dashboard. Get the link temporarily in my profile.
  • I just received my first planner - a large kikki.K! 😍🍉 Since I'm so obsessed with watermelons I just had to get the watermelons one. Isn't it cute? I love how the fabric cover feels and the interior is just as beautiful. If you would like to see more photos of my planner, click the link in my profile 😊
  • Practising some letters this morning ✏
  • Is it April already? Where did time go?
  • Happy Easter! I hope you have a wonderful day with your families. Reposting this beautiful image by @angiemakes1 ・・・