When branding your business yourself it can be tempting to use the fonts your computer came with. Most folks don’t really know what fonts to use and don’t have the time to find nice fonts. So, they stick with their system fonts. But the problem with these fonts is that everyone has them. And they have been used billions of times – by other businesses as well. So to get your business logo and branding to stand out, use unique fonts.

In this table I am showing you which fonts to avoid and some free and paid alternatives to use instead.

Fonts to avoid when branding your business

Click on the links below to download the alternative fonts:

Claire Hand | D.I.Y. Time Sans
Calendas Plus | Calluna
Wendy Medium | Alana
Mountain Retreat | Amorie Modella
Bebas Neue | Microbrew
Patrick Hand | Julieta Pro
Allura | Asterism
Jenna Sue | Jacques & Gilles

These are only my suggestions and there are many other alternatives out there that you could use! If you are looking for font pairing ideas, check out this helpful post by Canva.

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