Would you like to know what you can expect from working with me? Then read on! I have documented my process step-by-step.

Step 1: Explore

explore forest

The design process starts with exploring your needs and learning more about your business. I do this with a questionnaire that I email to you. This questionnaire needs to be completed to the best of your abilities so that I can have a good idea of what you require. The more information you give me, the more accurate your design concepts will be. I will also ask you to create a Pinterest board consisting of images (logos, patterns, fonts, textures, photos, colours) that you like.

Step 2: Proposal

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After I have received the completed questionnaire from you, I can draw up a proposal for you which outlines the project cost, what is included and what to expect. If you accept the proposal I will send you our agreement. Once it’s signed by both parties the first invoice is generated. 50% of the estimated project cost is required up-front to start work.

Step 3: Visual Research

coloured pencils


This is the fun part where I gather some inspiration. I make myself familiar with your style by searching for similar designs and images to draw inspiration from. This phase might also include some research into your industry and target market.

Step 4: Sketching

sketch book


Now that I have some ideas, I start sketching ideas on paper. I draw rough layouts of how I think the design should look like. I do this for a day until I have a few ideas that I like to explore further.

Step 5: Design

white keyboard


I choose my favourite ideas on paper and started developing them using software. For logo and print designs I use either Adobe Illustrator CC or CorelDraw. For web graphics I might use Adobe Photoshop CC.

I also take breaks when I get stuck and go for a walk, sleep or do something away from the computer.

Step 6: Presentation

Once I’m happy with the design I’ll email you to get your feedback. Feedback is due within 2 – 3 days. Your job is to look it over and decide if you want to make any changes or suggestions. Any changes to this concept within the agreed scope is welcome. The number of revision rounds is stated in the proposal.

Step 7: Revisions

oringe notepad


I work on the changes that you have sent me. In this phase the draft is sent back and forth.

Step 8: Design sign-off



Once you are happy with your design, it is signed off and I send you the final invoice. The process is almost complete!

After payment you receive your brand new design as a print-ready PDF (print designs). Web graphics are sent as JPG or PNG files. Logo files are sent in a variety of formats for print and web.

Would you like to work with me? To enquire about my rates, simply contact me!