While searching Pinterest for some business card inspiration I came across a few watercolour business cards that I thought looked pretty rad. Today I’d like to share what I’ve found!

watercolour business card ideas

If you are looking to make your own watercolour business cards, there are two ways you can do this: paint, scan it in and get it printed, or print the cards and then paint on it by hand!

hand painted watercolour business cards

These cards above by Akula Kreative were hand painted in pretty bright colours.

sandra suy watercolour business cards

Dingbat Press designed these cards for Sandra Suy. The watercolour brush stroke scan was supplied by the client and then printed.

italian fix watercolour business cards

These Italian Fix cards by Eva Black were also printed on letterpress, but the client hand painted the strokes afterwards!


This vegetable watercolour art was done by Marta Spendowska for Holli Thompson. Isn’t it amazing?

DIY watercolour business cards

And last but not least, this tutorial shows you how to make your own watercolour business cards, step-by-step.

I hope these designs have inspired you to be making your own watercolour business cards!