Every newbie who lands in the graphic desig domain aspires to become a professional. However, it is not that easy; not only is it hard to find quality work, but you have to have the best of creativity, marketing, and outgoing skills.

You must know where and how to market these skills to attract the client’s attention. We have jotted down 5 secrets that you can incorporate in your designing practices to become a pro:

Matching Colors with the Design

Nothing can be more frustrating for a designer than selecting the right design color. While some designers are good with color picking, others perfect their designs by testing out varying colors.

To master the art, go through the color choices used by Graphic Designers in Canada to draw inspiration. Besides, there are tools available on the Internet that can help you understand what color to pick and how it would look on the final design.

Making images unique with grids

Applying a grid to an image makes it stand out from others.  When a viewer sees your website, the presence of the grid navigates more attention compared to a normal image. This leads to greater chances of conversion.

Using the different kinds of grids such as the column, hierarchical, and modular, you can make your image unique. Different platforms like Adobe Photoshop and Adobe Illustrator provide the option to test grid systems.

Transparency is a real game-changer

Transparency in any work projects forms a clear standpoint. Whether it’s used in real life or within an image, your work becomes really special.

Using icons for your website that are transparent helps in differentiating the background from icons in an easier way. When doing custom designing, you can test out transparent images on different layouts and see the kind of response for each of them. From there, you can decide what image to use and what to avoid.

Reveal Your Content Copies By Cropping Images

Often at times, cropping an image can do you good. It might seem odd at first, but for the audience, it would appear perfect.

Cropping must be done in a way that the image content grabs more focus from the viewer. So, the next time you come across an image that is cropped, don’t take it as a mistake. Instead use it as inspiration to create more engaging designs.

Consistency will support your branding

Have you ever thought of recognizing someone’s work from just the logos designed by them? Or sometimes, by the topography used by them? You would notice an element of consistency.

When uniformity is incorporated into work, the outcomes are great. Almost all reputable Graphic Designing Services make their work stand out by using consistent themed images.

Whether it is a logo or a landing page for a client, a handful of  elements must be the same. The way we identify content writers from their writing styles, is the same for graphic designers. The fonts, selection of colors, and contrast levels can help determine the designer behind their work.

If standing out from competition is what you desire, make sure the elements you use in your images define your identity.

Don’t Overlook Themed Images

Let’s say you have to make a seasonal display photo or cover image, either for Christmas or Easter. Instead of going the contemporary way, you can turn the images into themed photos. By doing so, if a potential client is looking for a designer, they can hire you based on your profile.

On a positive note, this brings a touch of diversity to your experience. You can also use those themed images for your social media platforms. If you haven’t tried this out yet, get started now; it really works!


It’s important to realize that graphic design requires constant learning by revamping your skills as per the changing market trends. Just by learning some hard and fast rules, you cannot survive for long in the designing market. With the tough competition out there, practicing these hacks can help you progress. Starting now, incorporate the tips listed above when practicing.