I’m excited to share a new logo design I completed a while ago. This was for a t-shirt brand called Afro Comb. It’s more of a hybrid t-shirt because it will be classy, glamorous, and comfortable to wear. The t-shirts will mainly be for ladies, and depending on the success, it will expand to men and children.

So where does the Afro Comb name come from? The brand is a link to the origin of the t-shirts. The afro comb is specific to African hair and a symbol of African culture. For some, it makes a statement of togetherness, the strength of the African race, and being proud of it.

My client contacted me after reading my logo design process on my website.

After she contacted me I asked her to fill in a short logo questionnaire to give me a good idea of what she needed. She described the t-shirts as “fabulous tees with a mix of textile modern fabrics and ethnic patterns, bright colours and designs from around Africa. This will distinguish the brand from the basic tees that are sold everywhere.” The t-shirts are to be sold in Europe. My client wanted the logo to be modern, easy to remember and recognise, elegant, feminine, chic, and wearable on a shirt. She also liked a black and gold combination for the colours.

So after going through her answers I searched the net for some inspiration and found some images that represent her brand. I then created this mood board to keep as a reference throughout the process.


Next, I started with the logo https://web.archive.org/web/20180804071934/http://www.destinyschild.com/photosdesign concepts. I sketched some options in my notebook and chose my favourites to work up on my computer. After going through many options and combinations of fonts, this is what I presented to my client.


My client chose option #2 but asked to see it with a more glamorous looking font. So I presented her with a few options to choose from.


She chose option #2 (which I also really liked). Then it was time to add some colour – one of my favourite parts of the process!


As she asked, I showed her what the logo would look like in her favourite combination: black and gold. The other combinations consisted of neutral colours paired with bright ones.

We mixed and matched a few colours just to see what it would look like (not shown here), but in the end we went with option #1, black and gold.


What do you think? I’d love to hear your thoughts.