Would you like to know what you can expect from the logo design process? Then read on! I have documented my process step-by-step.

Step 1: Explore


The logo design process starts with exploring your needs and learning more about your business. I do this with a questionnaire that I email to you. This questionnaire needs to be completed to the best of your abilities so that I can have a good idea of what you require. The more information you give me, the more accurate your logo design concepts will be. I also ask my clients to give me some examples of logos that they like so that I can understand their style better. Find some inspiration on Behance or Dribbble.

Step 2: Proposal


After I have received the completed questionnaire from you, I can draw up a proposal for you which outlines the project cost, what is included and what to expect. 50% of the estimated project cost is required up-front to start work.

Step 3: Research

designer desk

After payment is received I start with the research phase. This step is very important. I research your industry, target market and competitors.

Step 4: Inspiration

coloured pencils

This is the fun part where I do some visual research. I make myself familiar with your style by searching for similar logos and images to draw inspiration from. I then put together a mood board that I can use as a reference throughout the design process.

Step 5: Sketching


Now that I have some ideas, I start sketching ideas on paper. I make mindmaps and draw anything that comes to mind. I do this for a day or two until I have a few ideas that I like to work with.

It is important to take breaks when designing a logo. Sometimes I get frustrated and can’t think of new ideas. Then I just have to leave that work and do something else. Sleeping works too! I’ve found that when I wake up the next morning, I have new ideas.

Step 6: Design

my white keyboard

I choose my favourite ideas on paper and started developing them using software. Designers typically use CorelDraw or Adobe Illustrator. A logo should always be designed in a vector-based program. A logo may need to be resized to any size, and vectors don’t lose quality like rasters.

Step 7: Presentation


Once I’m happy with the concepts I’ll email you to get your feedback. I usually send a PDF document with 3 logo concepts in black and white. Your job is to pick one of these. Any changes to this concept within the agreed scope is welcome. The number of revision rounds is stated in the proposal (usually 3 rounds).

Step 8: Revisions


I work on the changes that you have sent me. In this phase the draft is sent back and forth. Colour is also applied to the logo in this phase.

Step 9: Design sign-off


Once you are happy with your logo, it is signed off and I send you the final invoice. The process is almost complete!

After payment you receive your brand new logo in several formats. I also include a logo specs document outlining the colours and fonts I used.

As you can see from this process, logo design isn’t about designing a quick icon or pretty picture.
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Would you like to get your own logo designed? Check out my logo design services page for more info and prices.