What is a logo?


Image via DesignSponge

A logo is used for identification. It is used to identify your organisation and helps you differentiate yourself from your competition. A logo should be memorable, easily recognisable and simple.

So why do you need to use one for your business?

Here are nine reasons why your business needs a logo:

1. Your business will seem bigger


Aptit branding by Pahlavani Design

An established business will attract more customers/clients.

2. You will come across as being serious about your business

When I see a business with a Microsoft Clip Art logo it makes me think that they aren’t very serious about their business. They didin’t take the time to brand their business, so why should I take them seriously? A business owner who got a professional logo for their business, is committed to and proud of their business.

3. It will seem like you’ve been around for lots of years


Day to Day logo by Ashley Keller

It makes a customer feel assured that they are doing business with a company that has been around for a while, rather than a fly-by-night.

4. Your business will come across as trustworthy


by Vimal Kutmutia

Your customers want to work with someone who is stable and firm.

5. To be more memorable


True Makeup Logo by Tyler Gross

It’s easier to remember a business if they have a unique and well-designed logo.

6. It will look like you are doing well financially.


The Red Balloon Logo by Beth Mathews

When a business has a professional logo, it means that they have the money to hire a professional designer to design their logo for them. It makes the customer think, “They must be doing very well because they get a lot of clients.”

7. To attract your target market


Creme De Les Femmes by Penny Tselikis

By designing a logo with the target market in mind, they will be attracted by that.

8. To make you stand out from your competition


Whitney Darling logo by Amy Wood

If all of your competitors have an image of a flower in their logo, this is your chance to stand out! People want something different and they will see that you made an effort to be different.

9. You will look consistent…


Em Cartaz by Kempeli Design

…when all of your marketing materials have the same “look and feel”.

Do you have anything to add to this list? Please leave a comment below.