Hand lettering is a captivating art form that combines the grace of typography with the personal touch of manual craftsmanship. Whether you’re a seasoned artist or a budding creative looking to explore a new skill, hand lettering offers a world of possibilities. To help you embark on this artistic journey, we’ve curated a list of some truly awesome hand lettering tutorials that will unleash your inner calligrapher.

1. **The Basics of Hand Lettering:** If you’re new to hand lettering, start with the basics. Many tutorials offer step-by-step guidance on forming letters, practicing strokes, and mastering different styles. These tutorials are the foundation upon which you can build your hand lettering prowess.

2. **Brush Lettering Techniques:** Brush lettering brings a distinctive flair to your lettering projects. Explore tutorials that teach you how to wield brush pens or brushes with ink, enabling you to create fluid and expressive letterforms.

3. **Digitizing Your Hand Lettering:** In the digital age, transforming your hand lettering into digital assets is invaluable. Learn how to digitize your work, making it easy to share your creations online or incorporate them into digital designs.

4. **Decorative Flourishes:** Elevate your hand lettering with decorative embellishments and flourishes. Tutorials on ornamental elements and embellishments will add a touch of elegance and sophistication to your lettering.

5. **Color and Composition:** Understanding color theory and composition is vital for creating visually appealing hand-lettered pieces. Dive into tutorials that delve into color blending, layout, and composition to make your work truly stand out.

6. **Typography Styles:** Hand lettering encompasses various styles, from vintage scripts to modern calligraphy. Explore tutorials focused on specific lettering styles, allowing you to develop expertise in your preferred genre.

7. **Creative Projects:** Once you’ve honed your skills, embark on creative projects like designing custom greeting cards, crafting personalized gifts, or creating stunning wall art. Tutorials that guide you through these projects will inspire you to put your newfound skills to use.

8. **Advanced Techniques:** For those looking to take their hand lettering to the next level, advanced tutorials can be a goldmine. Discover techniques such as lettering on different surfaces, creating 3D effects, and mastering intricate scripts.

9. **Business and Branding:** If you’re interested in turning your hand lettering into a business or personal brand, tutorials on branding, marketing, and selling your creations will provide valuable insights.

10. **Community and Resources:** Joining the hand lettering community can be incredibly enriching. Tutorials that introduce you to online communities, forums, and additional learning resources will help you connect with like-minded enthusiasts and continue refining your skills.


Are you as obsessed with hand lettering and calligraphy like I am? If you would like to learn how to do it too, see these tutorials below. I found 8 free tutorials – 6 written and 2 videos. These designers share their process step-by-step. Note that these free tutorials are not as in-depth as the premium classes. Scroll down to the bottom to see premium online lettering classes.

1. Hand Lettering Step by Step ~ by Marzipan (video)
2. Learn to Create a Variety of Script Lettering ~ Vector Tuts
3. Hand Lettering in Illustrator with a Wacom (video)
4. Ornate Lettering Process ~ Gomediazine
5. Create decorative custom type in Illustrator ~ Computer Arts
6. How to create hand-drawn type designs from start to finish ~ Daily Dishonesty
7. DIY Hand Lettering ~ by Gemma O’Brien
8. How to Create Hand Lettering Artwork on Paper ~ by Chris Collins
9. Free crash course in hand lettering ~ by Tim Brown

Online Lettering Classes

These are premium classes that you can take online. Click on the links below the image to read more.

1. The Art of Lettering – Drawing Scripts by Hand ~ by Neil Tasker, Lettering Artist (on Skillshare)
2. The First Steps of Hand-Lettering ~ by Mary Kate McDevitt (on Skillshare)
3. Lettering for Designers: One Drop Cap Letterform at a Time ~ Jessica Hische (on Skillshare)
4. Layouts for Lettering: Hierarchy, Composition, and Type Systems ~ by Jon Contino (on Skillshare)
5. Hand-Lettering Basics ~ by Brit + Co (on Skillshare)

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In today’s digital age, hand lettering stands as a testament to the enduring charm of handmade artistry. With these awesome hand lettering tutorials at your fingertips, you’ll be well on your way to mastering this captivating art form. So grab your pens, brushes, and notepads, and let your creativity flow as you explore the wonderful world of hand lettering.