Logo Redesign for Beauty Bliss

I recently did a logo redesign for Beauty Bliss, a New Zealand online make-up boutique.

The old logo had a little tree illustration that was very busy and didn’t look good at small sizes. The SS in Bliss also appeared larger than the other letters. The client also needed a secondary logo to use on social media and as a sticker.

old beauty shop logo

I had to redraw the tree illustration and I also picked another font. These are the three options I provided:

beauty boutique logo options

The client liked option 1 and did not ask for any revisions! I then created the secondary logo. Below the final logos can be seen:

beauty boutique logo redesign

The main logo to be used on their website:

beauty boutique logo design

And the secondary version to be used on their Facebook page and product labels:

purple sticker beauty logo

The client gave the following feedback:

Absolutely perfect and very patient with me. Thank you! :)

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